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Ive got a Kat ktmp1 electronic drum pad and percussion module which I also currently use with another DAW (G-Stomper Rythem) on Android 6.0. Flm3 v3.1.1 is recognising a midi device when I first start the application and plug it in. ( In the other application it is recognising it by name) Tried both "MIDI In" and "Any Available". "LINK TO MIDI CC" did become a selectable option in the Ctrl menu once, but it just perpetuallly showed the loading icon. And I'm having difficulty getting it to replicate and have that option become available again. Ive also already used a USB mic with the application and that worked out just fine. Was previously using an old MacBook and a vst through garage band to lay down drum tracks. Hardrive died and decided to give FLM3 a shot. So far, it's been great, UI is excellent, layout is intuitive, and it covers most of my needs, except for this one issue. Any help on getting it to work would be greatly appreciated.

Please help

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