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The 5" Berenguer almost lost her "Sweetie" name yesterday when it took me a lot more than one hour and a half to use her lashes! Notice that I changed the name spelling from Sweettee to Sweetie. It just makes more sense. She is prepared for pictures now and I suppose still special~and adorable. I'll recover.

When the hair is dropped due to some disease or disorder it really is referred to as medical. Malignancy patients generally go through a chemotherapy which causes severe loss in individuals. Another medical hair loss happens because of Alopecia. It really is disorder which destroys the hair follicle. This results in permanent reduction. Alopecia wigs certainly are a benefit for such people. It brings back the self-confidence and helps the individual lead a normal life.

Whichever wig you decide to purchase, maintenance of the wig is vital. Proper care of the wig gives it more lifestyle. Cleaning the wig properly is very important. Poor handling may cause harm to the wig.

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My brand-new @youtube channel, ‘Being Naomi’ is currently live !! I am SO extremely grateful and looking forward to finally posting this project using the world. It’s amazing that I have the opportunity to let you know my story, show you who I really am, and inform you about the problems that are close to my heart. I can only wish that by posting this intimate look into my entire life and my trip, it will somehow inspire yours. I hope you love #BeingNaomi __ Music by courtesy of @wizkidayo Watch at >> (Link in Bio)

A post shared by Naomi Campbell (@naomi) on Nov 29, 2018 at 8:59am PST
What fans can expect from her new online extension is a deeper-dive behind the scenes of her global moves, her photo shoots and daily musings. Up to now, she’s uploaded three videos and it is reportedly gearing up to provide even more content material. "I’ve been a supermodel, an activist and a pal of the very most amazing people in my life time," Campbell added. "I’ve been criticized, and I’ve been praised. But through all this, I’ve always continued to be Naomi, and now it’s time to talk about that." The 48-year-old style diva lately hosted South Africa’s Global Citizen Festival event, which celebrated the legacy of Nelson Mandela through the year that could have designated his 100th birthday. Speaking on her enthusiasm for the continent, Campbell says she hopes her new YouTube channel will inspire young women in Africa and beyond. "I want to share with women around the world and specifically women -and young women- in Africa," she stated. "I wish to see if the next generation use the things that I’ve stated." Campbell enthusiasts can watch her latest movies and subscribe to her new channel at

9)Color (optional)-I wanted to color my locks dark black so at this point, my locks was damp from the wash, so I applied my Dark hair extensions
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