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Dabei seit: 20.09.2018
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There are lots of familiar MapleStory 2 maps, such as Pearl Harbor but these can cause the island a hook players overlook ah! And adds a lot of new maps this combination of old and new, and new critters, I still like it!

Not just over , Maplestory 2 also adds a lot of new matches for your amusement, the player will meet a hat on the area map, press the spacebar points into it, it is possible to go after a lot of MS2 Mesos to make it through the game Oh! Timing will be held in the city of actions, players can join this event, won the prize of the players can get a variety of props! (I do not know specifically what to get, because just the first before they can get, every time I have the gloomy first round brush , ooo, ooo ~ ~)

Today's focus here, two of my favorite island attracts me most of that stage is that the wild BOSS warfare and raiding, I feel that one of the players that played at the island also have had those experiences, when the bat magic, abandoned city raid This is to rely on all to work together so as to kill and adopted, the island remains a continuation of both of these characteristics, and do very well, many are fresh BOSS Oh, the damage flashy flashy skills, BOSS difficulty heavily strengthened, BOSS players enjoy the challenge, but there are advantages, and it'll kill BOSS and burst through a replica of a lot of good gear and upgrade the skills of stone Oh!

Copy of this team, too, must be a concerted effort to cooperate with each other to pass, after clearance big rewards have (full time base position came out, believe there is a small excited, ha ha ~).Then there's the fashion that attracted me Maplestory 2 Oh! Whether or sister that then have the man who set your ears up, if I inform you that the island isn't in style two fixed pattern, we can follow your own to DIY your favorite style, so individuals who like to yourself people dressed sister and the guy who can consider how to get how to get!

(two years because the island has DIY fashion, my mom no longer need to worry about my characters and people would like a) if we believe there is a really handsome or beautiful fashion, Wikipedia can be obtained throughout the mall to market to everybody to share ( How much you use other people's things to pay points Nicely ~), and the mall is going to be rated Oh, from the trend people who make the most money in the mall is going to be displayed on a single ranking DIY game so good God, the island where you can play two Your talent can make big gold Oh!
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Name des Forums » 2.Kat » efqfd » I still like it!

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