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Hi all,

Need a little advice here.

Hey guys, this is my second log. The first one didn't go quite so well but here is background from it.

"Hey guys, I've been on for a while and usually just post in misc or read in this forum. Well I'm trying anything I can to get myself motivated enough to get back to the weight I was almost 2 years ago. I was around 185 lbs, pretty strong but still had some fat lose in the midsection. Fast forward through that time, I'm currently at 235 and its pretty frustrating. Basically what happened to me was, I turned 21 and got a g/f who lives a pretty unhealthy lifestyle (nutrition wise). Also, being an engineering major, I always found it tough to find time on top of lifting weights for cardio. It's very easy for me to put on weight and it seems like it always just cause in my midsection because everywhere else seems to look exactly how I did at 185. I'm just really tired of not being able to fit into my medium dress shirts when I go out and constantly having to wear bigger sweaters and vest to hide my midsection. Summers coming up and I need to start sliming down or else I need to spend $$$ that I dont have on different clothes and everything. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and have always been pretty fit and I need some help to get back there. Surprisingly, my athleticism hasn't really gone away, I just tend to fatigue a lot quicker. I'm currently taking muay thai classes and my dreams are just to be an amateur muay thai fighter (nothing crazy).

I've cut down serious weight before in high school, going from about 250 to 190 for football while still keep most of my strength. I'm going to keep my calorie intake around 1600-1900 and just try to eat clean. I'll try to keep updated pictures as much as possible. I'm just going to post the basics on what lift I did and what my cardio was like. I'm pretty sure I know how to keep the diet pretty good starting out but when it starts getting tougher I'll post my diets. "

Well basically it's the same thing but I'm 23 now,lol. I've actually been working out decently for 6 months or so and have been in some basketball leagues just trying to get active again. I've basically gotten all my strength back to where I was at my peak, minus the fact I'm about 50 lb heavier.

Basic stats are
Bench-260ish max, was 295 about 4 months ago but had an elbow ligament strain
Power Clean- 10x185 = 240ish
Squat- Just started back but around 280
Dead Lift= 345


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